Whenever I do interviews, the results often turn out much longer than the space I have in the magazine allows. Therefore I started to put complete, English versions of the articles online. Click on the logos to read the interviews. This section will be updated whenever I have the time...

Logo A Forest Of Stars
Death - not only since yesterday a central theme with the English Gentlemen's Club A FOREST OF STARS, but on their newest work "Beware The Sword You Cannot See" it's as centrally in all its facets as never before. Time to take a glimpse behind the curtain... (January 2015)

Logo Cold Cold Ground

The Finnish band COLD COLD GROUND, founded in 2004, don't only make a visual impact but deliver a stirring, electronically enriched bastard of rock and industrial with their debut album "This Side Of Depravity".(March/April 2011)

Logo Cult Of Erinyes
The Belgian trinity CULT OF ERINYES is setting a fast pace. Founded as an ambient project by Corvus (guitar, bass, keys, samples and compositions) in December 2009, a considerable change in musical direction towards ritualistic black metal soon takes place. (March/April 2011)

Logo Eastern Front... are one of the bands breathing new life into UK's Black Metal. And one doesn't have to wait long for those who jump to a conclusion considering the band name, track titles and pseudonyms like Krieg and Holocaust. (September 2010)

Logo Kraaker Behind KRAAKER are Knockelkatt and Skrangelfant who seem - at least on paper - to be a rather disparate duo. While one contains himself aloof, the other speaks out a bit more detailed on their raw Black Metal and the album "Musikk Fra Vettenes Dom" every now and then. (September 2010)

Logo Gallowbraid
Whenever time alongside school, work and other musical projects allows, 21 year old Jake works on the first GALLOWBRAID release, finally coming up with a formidable brand of atmospheric black metal with folk and doom reminiscences on "Ashen Eidolon". (September 2010)

Logo Belenos
For 15 years Loïc Cellier has been serving a high class pagan black dish under the banner of BELENOS. On the occasion of his fifth album "Yen Sonn Gardis" he talks about his musical producing as well as his homeland which is a huge source of inspiration for him. (August 2010)

Logo ThorniumA huge gap follows the 1995 full-length debut "Dominions Of The Eclipse". Once having surfaced again Thyph unleashes all the pent-up hatred with "Mushroom Clouds And Dusk" and tops it off with the considerably matured "Fides Luciferius" only one year later... (April 2010)

Logo Carach Angren "My oath was registered in thunder, and in streams of sulphurous fire. The hurricane burst upon the ship, the canvass flew away in ribbons..." it says inter alia in the key scene of Frederick Mayat's novel "The Phantom Ship", one of the sources which carry the legend of the Flying Dutchman into the world. CARACH ANGREN will become yet another with "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship"... (February 2010)

Logo Ragnarok Although "Blackdoor Miracle" dates back almost seven years, for drummer Jontho it's never up for discussion to forsake RAGNAROK. With a new line-up and the highly anticipated "Collectors Of The King" he hauls off the next blow. It's time to turn loose these Norwegian wolves again... (February 2010)

Logo Reverence

The third album "Inactive Theocracy" of the French dissonance artists REVERENCE isn't merely another consequent step in the musical creational force. Singer and guitarist I. Luciferia also appreciates the invitation for a talk and gives us a deeper insight with regards to contents this time. (December 2009)

Logo Wallachia "My humble litte project" - One couldn't find a more improper description of WALLACHIA than the words Norwegian mastermind Lars Stavdal chooses himself. Ten long years of silence follow the debut album "From Behind The Light", a time well spent as there are too few albums like "Ceremony Of Ascension", expressing itself lush in colours equally in notes, words and artwork. (May 2009)

Shield The Legion

THE LEGION neither want to repeat themselves, nor would they lose any brutality and intensity. With their third album "A Bliss To Suffer" the Swedes meet this high standard without any ifs and buts and move on, leaving behind blasting away from alpha to omega and opening up to further tearing down boundaries. (April 2009)

Logo WaldgefluesterWinterherz, vocalist and guitarist of Scarcross is quite contented with the creational force of this band but still feels something is missing. The time is nigh for a second project in which he can follow his preference for black metal... WALDGEFLÜSTER. (March 2009)

Logo Skaldic Curse

England my not be THE country known for thrilling black metal acts but SKALDIC CURSE are likely to cause a great stir with their second full length "World Suicide Machine". Astynax (guitars) and Woundz (vocals) deliver insights not only centring on the new album (March 2009)

Logo Moribund Oblivion Do not think of Turkey as a wasteland regarding black metal - coz it isn't. Still only a few names find their ways to other latitudes and cause a stir there. A band certainly to be named first in this context are MORIBUND OBLIVION who release their fourth album "K.I.N./Killer Is Nowhere" these days. (November 2008)

Logo Kypck "Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof"... Many a listener may think exactly that, stumbling across the downtempo monster "Cherno". The lyrics of these Finns are consistently in Russian, and also their image contributes to this impression. That KYPCK are more than a massive and grinding machinery of war and military is something vocalist Erkki gladly straightens out in the interview. (July 2008)

Logo Carach Angren
Hauntig Theatric Black Metal from the Netherlands. After poking around in a family vault and investigating the case of a haunted mansion CARACH ANGREN lure us into the forests surrounding Schinveld. (April 2008)

Logo Gods Of Emptiness
The German death grinders GODS OF EMPTINESS are back. After ten years of silence they present the highly anticipated follower "Consumption Is Freedom?" and reinforce their reputation of being more than just another grind band. (March 2008)

Logo Reverence

Detached lyrical tatters adorn the eerie booklet of the second album "Chamber Of Divine Elaboration" of the French REVERENCE. Asking I. Luciferia about the meaning of these lyrical impressions his answer is a little on the short side. "Lyrics are my personal visions and feelings which I can't explain." (January 2008)

Logo Darkmoon Swiss quintet DARKMOON strike their second blow on CCP Records with "Apocalyptic Syndrome". Vocalist Matthias: "Good melodic death metal doesn't necessarily have to come from Sweden!" (November 2007)

Logo For Ruin One of the mistakes an outsider looking in might make is that 'all Irish bands play Celtic/folk metal'. John Murphy introduces melodic black/death metal band FOR RUIN to us. (November 2007)

Logo Scars Of Chaos Symphonic extreme metal... French SCARS OF CHAOS release their second album "Humanitarian War Machine". Guitarist DarkOne provides an insight into their world of complex music. (October 2007)

Logo Hanging Garden Matti Reinola agrees that HANGING GARDEN is a platform for creative potential which can't be integrated in dark rock band ShamRain and death thrash act Dauntless. "Inherit The Eden" is the debut album of this new and fresh Finnish group. (May 2007)

And here is some really old stuff...

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