The Spirit

This is by no means what you'd call a webzine. It started in 2001 as a personal website and it still is. But over the years I have worked for one or another magazine, and my photo gear improved a bit so not all of my pictures turn out so bad they couldn't be put online any longer (And I don't use photoshop or a comparable program to alter the shots.). In the interview area (abbr. interv.) you'll find some articles I wrote. Often the answers of the bands go beyond the space a print magazine allows so here you'll get the unabridged versions. The gallery is pretty incomplete due to a severe lack of time. Whenever I do have some time I add more pictures.

As in 2001 I'm still mainly into black metal but I'm also open-minded to other styles of dark music. Those who say that only black metal enables you to feel eternal darkness should not read any further. Those who say it's 'cool' to listen to black metal - just die, please! And no words shall be wasted on those who try to ridicule us with their mindless behaviour. Just don't try to match wits with us. I also give a little insight in my personal realm. Therefore I offer some pieces of poetry, pictures and thoughts of mine etc. And if we haven't met so far and you feel like getting to know me better, just feel free to get in touch with me. Send an e-mail or sign my guestbook. Everything will be answered, even if it's only the message to fuck off... I am Starspawn, and the night skies are mine to wander. And as I gather strength in solitude, I whisper my farewell to this world. The World... and then... The Void!.