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Do not think of Turkey as a wasteland regarding black metal - coz it isn't. Still only a few names find their ways to other latitudes and cause a stir there. A band certainly to be named first in this context are MORIBUND OBLIVION who release their fourth album "K.I.N./Killer Is Nowhere" these days.

"Formed in 1999, we are one of the oldest Turkish black metal bands, and we've been known for many years, being an inherit part of several concerts and festivals in Turkey. Already with our debut album "Khanjar" (2004) we started also to be known in Europe and people recognized our sound. We have many fans in Turkey as well as all over the world, and their number increases day by day," vocalist and guitarist Bahadir Uludaglar elaborates on the current situation of MORIBUND OBLIVION. That their number of fans is growing won't be changed by the release of "K.I.N." as Bahadir is certain that MORIBUND OBLIVION are closer to their own style than ever before. "It took some time to find our sound. We made three albums in this process, with some trials. We believe that we finally found it with our latest album "K.I.N." and can name it as ´pure black metal´ but we have depressive lyrics. Bands never want to repeat themselves so, of course, there'll be some differences and new trials in the future but never again as on the album "Machine Brain". That was quite different." From the "Machine Brain" era a short clip for the track "Hypnotic" can be found on the internet which doesn't really look like good promotion for the band. "Our sound has changed over the years but there's no need to be ashamed of that kind of clips. The clip you mentioned was taken from our first TV performance in Turkey. I see that the sound quality on that video is quite terrible but it was a good live performance I think. Internet gives you sudden popularity but sometimes it's a big trouble. Everyone can put videos online and you can't prevent it. Another thing that I want to mention is about ´copyrights´. Just one or two days after our album release you can find it on the internet. It's too bad..." That is a sad and vast subject, indeed, which could fill page upon page upon page. Back to the early days of MORIBUND OBLIVION one can find obvious inspiration in the works of Lovecraft as titles as ´The Ruins Of Kara-Shehr´ reveal. But already shortly after the release of "Khanjar" they turn their backs on these fictional contents and turn their attention on more real things, let themselves be inspired by their own lives and introduce more and more spiritual and moral themes into their lyrics. The lyrics on "K.I.N." often have an in-depth, melancholic and sorrowful touch and seem to deal with emotional struggles of existence what humankind stands for, why we are here and what we are heading for. "I agree, hundred percent... These are the main questions which people have asked themselves for many years, since the dawn of our existence. So we do care about these paradoxical facts and mention them in our songs." What MORIBUND OBLIVION don't pick out as central themes are cliché-ridden religious elements as "religions are more individual and sacred for everyone of us in this world. So we prefer not to drag them into the open..."

Moribund Oblivion Band
Picture provided by Bahadir Uludaglar

Linguistically MORIBUND OBLIVION cover more international ground again. Bahadir values the attempt to present mainly Turkish lyrics on "Time To Face" as a success but "we've never thought to make an album with only Turkish lyrics until today because English is a very common language, indeed, and it helps people to understand our feelings and the facts we mention in our lyrics." That may be a reason why MORIBUND OBLIVION not only present the Turkish title ´Geriye Dön´ on "K.I.N." but also offer the English version ´Come Back´. Contrary to the statement in another interview "K.I.N." is not recorded in Germany but once again in Turkey. "We planned to record the album in Germany but we had problems finding the right time so we decided to go to a studio in Ankara. Acutally the standards are not that different from those in Europe so the result is quite satisfactory I think. It would be nice to record the album in a country like Germany which lives with metal music. It could be a new experience. So we hope to make this with our next project." This is an aim which is anything but farfetched. For two years labels from various countries have been showing their interest in MORIBUND OBLIVION and with "K.I.N." the right moment seems to have arrived to snatch at an offer and sign a deal with the German label Block Action Music. "They contacted us and our previous label Atlantis Music (Turkey) and said they'd like to work together with us. We have good and strong relations with Block Action Music now. It's an advantage to work with a label from abroad because you get closer to the metal scene in Europe. You reach more people and this is more easy by the help of a European label." Nonetheless the home country will always hold a special significance for MORIBUND OBLIVION although Turkish countrymen living abroad show a big interest in their music and support the band considerably. "It's our goal to make people all over the world listen to our music by going everywhere as much as we can. All metal fans react well the first time they hear us and we appreciate meeting with new fans from different countries everytime we're in Europe. All our previous concerts were exciting... but the concerts in Turkey are always different and make us feel great because it's our land."

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Interview done by Endrew. November 2008.

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