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The French Mütiilation has been around for about ten years now, and while in the mid nineties many people thought the band is dead and buried Lord Meyhna'ch returned in 2001 by unleashing "Black Millennium (Grimly Reborn)", another masterpiece of dark and grim Black Metal. So let's go back in time and also find out the reason for a period of five years of silence which was only interrupted by the release of "Remains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul", a compilation CD with old material from 1993 to 1996, announcing the death of Meyhna'ch and his total disapproval of the way Black Metal was taking. "Mütiilation released its first crime around 1992. Despite its chaotic history three albums and a lot of demo tapes were released. I think that each release is important but for me "Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood" and "Black Millennium" are the main masterpieces of this black path. Meyhna'ch being dead was truly the way I felt during those black years of silence, and I think it was a kind of suicide. But there's something I'd like to mention about the photo and the dates inside the booklet of "Remains...". This pictures was chosen by Drakkar Productions and even if the idea is quite okay I think most people misunderstood the message. Actually Meyhna'ch wasn't dead but just dormant, just waiting to feel enough hate to return. I think that the statement in the booklet of "Black Millennium" explains the reasons for this resurrection well. I wrote it when I was composing the songs of the album which was in 1999 but it came out quite late..."

Most bands name well known bands as musical influences or the roots of creativity but "I don't think that I'm influenced by other bands of the Black Metal scene but I used to follow the spirits of Bathory, Darkthrone or Venom in the beginning... I guess I still do, more or less, as this is the true Black Metal way, anyway. These bands should be known perfectly by any being playing this style. As far as the lyrics are concerned they always came from my own soul. They are so personal feelings." Mütiilation now is a one man band which can either be own choice to create music on your own or the fact that the right people for a worthy cooperation just can't be found. "It's both of the reasons you mention. I never found people able to be involved as much as I wanted. That doesn't mean I can't find session musicians but this is not the same... At the same time, being a one man project is not a problem for me and through the time I beheld that it brings more pride to me, and this feeling can't be shared. I have another one man project which absolutely not metal music but I wonder if I will release something one day..." Sometimes cooperating with other people becomes necessary, though. "I'm involved in yet another band which appeared recently. It's a cover band consisting of four members. But I don't want to speak too much of that as nothing is done yet. It's so difficult to work with people."

Besides all the trends that invaded the Black Metal scene still some true followers can be found who keep their faith to the principles of Black Metal as it used to be. So some people say there's hope for the Black Metal scene, others don't. And certainly we can understand the return of Meyhna'ch also as an inclination to still fight for this hated style. "No hope for the scene but actually a little hope for some individuals who still follow the Black flame. This is also the reason why I returned. There was no reason to busy me just because of some parasites invading the scene. In some years they will change their views on music and no one will remember them. The true ones stay, the rest just follows the trend." Kanwulf of Nargaroth referred to Black Metal as a corpse that must be respected so the question arises if Black Metal - as a life style - is dead. "I agree with Kanwulf but as I said before I still think (and hope so) that some people have the Black Metal lifestyle. They just wait in the dark as I waited some time ago. But they exist and they have eyes." Honour, trust or pride are "values which I can share with a few people who deserve it. I think I'm a quite distrustful person and I could betray people whom I don't like. Only my friends have the right to wait from some values from me. And fuck the rest! I'm proud to think this way."

In summer 2001 Mütiilation played at two of the most extreme Black Metal festivals in Europe, "Drakkar Hellfest" and the "IV. Under The Black Sun" which were also the first live experiences of the band. The live performance at the "Drakkar Hellfest" with carrion and blood not only on stage but partly thrown into the audience caused quite some trouble. Reflecting on these experiences Meyhna'ch states that "Mütiilation on stage created a lot of hate but this is the way it should be, anyway. The Hellfest show was the first and the last date in France. The UTBS was okay except maybe for the heat and the lack of a bass player as he broke his arm the day before the gig. Black Metal used to be disgusting and to carry the stench of death. Corpsepaint, chains, leather, blood and cadavers are the ingredients which created the essence of Black Metal. So, if people don't like it why do they come to the shows? What do they expect to see? Just another "well thinking Black Metal" loser band? Fuck it!" There were also plans for a tour in the future but "unfortunately it was cancelled."

The Brazilian guys of Murder Rape also played at both mentioned festivals so we'd like to know about the time spent together and if any other contacts with Brazilian Black Metal bands were formed in the past. "We had a real good time with the guys of Murder Rape and I'd like to hail them and Agathodemon the picon-whisky-absinth drinker in remembrance of the crazy moments we had! I don't have contacts with other Brazilian bands but I like the Brazilian scene a lot which brought forth bands like Sarcofago, Sextrash, Vulcano, Holocausto, old Sepultura and so many more. I'd like to play in Brazil as I was told the audience is crazy down there."

Meyhna'ch seems to be rather satisfied with the work of Drakkar Productions with whom he has quite strong bonds by now. "Mütiilation and Drakkar always respected each other and I'm satisfied with the work they do for Mütiilation (except for the delays sometimes). Some years ago we also became friends so there's no problem for any dialogue."

We could see for ourselves that Meyhna'ch sticks to the Black Metal lifestyle in his daily life and doesn't take it as a simple music style. Is there any advice that could be given to those who are having the first contact with Black Metal now? "I think it's hard to give any advice as there are no pre-established Black Metal models. I would probably say that they have to learn what Black Metal is about, which ideas it carries and what the eventual consequences are to live this way. People should think more before throwing themselves in kind of ways of living and attitudes they finally won't be able to bear. If you play with fire you can easily get burnt."

It's quite common nowadays to see bands that used to be so radical saying in interviews with big magazines that Black Metal is just a music style and doesn't necessarily have to be related to Satanism. "They just misunderstood anything about this way of living and dying..." Other bands don't claim to be Satanic at all but raise their banners for Heathenism, Nihilism or even Sumerian Mythology. At the same time they state to be Black Metal bands. "Black Metal used to be dark, evil music but you can deal with many topics as long as they are negative ones. Satanism is just the essence of all those negative thoughts. I'm not interested in pagan mythology but the anticlerical side is okay." Meyhna'ch is not in touch with so many bands but he well knows "the guys of Aborym, Abigail, Murder Rape, Decayed, Malicious Secrets, Barbatos, Watain and some others. They're all worth my respect."

Is his way of being plainly Satanic in the "classical sense" or are witchcraft, occult arts, Heathenism or ancient mythologies also taking his interest? "I am on Satan's side and I'm longing for the destruction of humanity but I don't know if I could be considered to be a Satanist as I don't do rituals any more. So I follow my own codes and don't think it's necessary to do Black Masses to hate the world we live in." Satanism goes with accepting the existence of God. And thinking about what's going to be next after physical death... "I also believe in god which is the most representative icon of the weakness and hypocrisy of humanity. I just hope I'll feel better after death than in this pitiful world. It's so unbearable sometimes, hope it'll stop one day."

In the future we can expect that "Mütiilation will grow again, and I hope it'll take you all in its final fall. I want people being able to kill just for Satanic fanatism... and also for me..." So... any last words? "When I'll be dead burn my coffin and don't shed a tear as I didn't feel good in this world, anyway. Thank you Martha and Endrew for this interview, see you in Hell, I'll be there."

Lord Meyhna'ch

Interview done by Martha and Endrew / January 2002
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