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The third album "Inactive Theocracy" of the French dissonance artists REVERENCE isn't merely another consequent step in the musical creational force. Singer and guitarist I. Luciferia also appreciates the invitation for a talk and gives us a deeper insight with regard to contents this time.

Already the title "Inactive Theocracy" leads us directly into the concept of the album. "Whatever the manner of death, religion - contrary to what it proclaims - does not help the spirit of the deceased, not knowing what it can really be after physical death, leaving the soul to itself. In the concept itself, nobody can prove with certainty if there is something or not after death. It's just a point of view, a personal faith." A faith which provokes literally the whole spectre of intense emotions, be it rage, hate, grief or helplessness. And all these facets find their ways into "Inactive Theocracy", which differs audibly from its predecessor. "All our albums should be a unique vision of the era in which they are composed. We wanted to make an album more violent and complex while seeking to blacken the atmosphere, the strongest draw to the bottom. Same thing for the sound production, we wanted a natural and deep sound but with a modern and powerful side. It's unnecessary to make an album like the previous..."

Whereas "Chamber Of Divine Elaboration" captures one dark emotion after the next to robe it into an eerie musical costume "Inactive Theocracy" follows another stepwise procedure. "Step by step the album describes the moment of death, extinguished the physical birth of the mind in another world, awareness of this new form of existence and its evolution and fate of the remains of the deceased. It's therefore once again a concept album but with stricter guidelines, marked by time and fate. The titles are also varied, reflecting more violently words, putting them more in front, reflecting the violence of the lyrics." The opinion that the German language is a very harsh one which allows some things to be expressed in a special and more suitable way isn't new. Also REVERENCE use some German lines on "Inactive Theocracy". "I like the German language a lot, its sound and its character. It's a very special and interesting language for me as it can create a more mystical atmosphere than English, for instance." Still one stumbles upon a line like 'ein Gesicht zu schnüren' which I. Luciferia explains with a closed face, closed against what will happen.

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In 2007 REVERENCE release "Chamber Of Divine Elaboration", a work which literally breathes urban decrepitude. Anno 2010 the attention is obviously drawn more towards mental decay. "Chamber of Divine Elaboration" is a very black album, modern and urban, asking of feelings of our actual life. "Inactive Theocracy" refers to what might really be life after death, rejecting the ideas that religions spread on the subject, talking about all phases: the last breath of life, the passage through the world of the dead, its elevation and its findings, research, its feelings which become the body of the deceased." Fitting the conceptual background the photo session is held in a cathedral this time. "The theme of the album is life after death, we are at the center of a spirital subject. Having the photo session in the cathedral was important in order to keep the visual and spiritual atmosphere."

We're talking about an album well-thought-out in every aspect, a holistic work of art. And Hreidmarr of Anorexia Nervosa as well as Dk Deviant of Arkhon Infaustus are two guest vocalists who perfectly integrate themselves. "Over the years you will meet other groups and keep contacts. The participation of Deviant and Hreidmarr have been decided very quickly, their tones of voice were perfect for highlighting the titles on which they participate. The lyrics of "The Axis Of Horrors" were written by Deviant and me, the result is really extreme and personal, featuring the body snatchers and the entity observing the desecration of his own grave..."

But not only with these collaborations a fresh wind is blowing with REVERENCE. In 2008 they welcome Eguil as their new bass player. "After four years in REVERENCE, Aym decided to leave the band for professional reasons last year. And Eguil brings a very special groove into REVERENCE which better suits to us and the musical path we follow now." Drummer V.R. is still on board, and hopefully we will see REVERENCE on German stages with this line-up soon. "We have played a few shows between 2008 and 2009 which was a way to test the band on stage. We wanted to provide an initial assessment and know what would be best for us on stage. REVERENCE's music is special. Therefore we want to provide a visual show with appropriate lights and video projections. We think a lot about it. At the moment we are discussing some dates in France. When the rime is ripe, we would love to share the stage with bands who are adapted to our vision. Bands like Shining, Satyricon, Arkhon Infaustus or Arcturus come to my mind."

Until then we have to be content with "Inactive Theocracy" which is not released on Avantgarde Music as its predecessor. In the meantime REVERENCE ink a deal with Osmose Productions because "it's more difficult to work with a foreign label because of the communication. We wanted to be able to follow up on the production and the promotion more easily. So the choice for Osmose is simple. As we appreciate their catalogue and their way of working we decided to get in contact with them." One last bit of information will be especially interesting for vinyl freaks. "Inactive Theocracy" will also be out soon as a double album on D.U.K.E. records. Again the choice seems a simple and natural one. "REVERENCE and D.U.K.E. have been in a good relationship for quite some time now. We appreciate their work as well as they appreciate ours and our approach. Since D.U.K.E. already produced the second demo of REVERENCE in 2002 and our first split vinyl with Blut Aus Nord in 2003 we decided to work together again."

For further information check out the REVERENCE website or their myspace page.

Interview done by Endrew. December 2009.

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