The Ode To Eternal Darkness

The afterglow of what may lie ahead
Tainted with so deep a red
With sparks of black shining dim
In whirling winds, so tender, so grim
Souls entangled in the branches of a dead tree
Shattered dreams of once being free
Shiny wings across a silvery moon
Descending unto the tortured earth soon
Take me up, I'm not willing to stay
And carry, carry me far away
When leathery wings with grace caress
I'll soon be reborn in darkness

So, where are you heading to now, blackest of all, whose madness can't be calmed by
any secret unknown revealed? Your pride a glorious halo radiating like the dying sun
over the never ending deserts. Your strength of air, water, earth and the all consuming
fire. And your desperate beauty in the eyes of the wild...

Have you heard them talking about revelation
Of creating a "beast"
So different from what we know of you
Enstranged visions will never
Enter our hearts dedicated to you
Shattered lies who does not know
Shattered by his own creation
Illusion come true

The night is ours, the night, the pale moon and the star desert...

Paths through icy mountains
And over broken bridges
Guided by the radiating light
No one there to follow who
Does not feel
What drives us on and on
Will be lost in eternity
These paths can only
Passed by us

As we've been crouching in darkest places for millennia, not to be seen by the mortal eye...
As we've been witnessing stars dying and snow covering any traces one might have left...
As we've been beholding a world we never belonged to... As we've been keeping whatever
there'd been to be kept, our worlds of thought and feelings, our wisdom and our magic, the truly
tragic existence in these realms... ... we always knew that this will come to an infernal end one day.
We await our rebirth in darkness.

Eternal darkness...

Written as Vetharanyn, Empress Of The Withered Stars for DEMONCY in 1994/1995